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Read the text and choose: True or False.

The Inuit live in a very cold place in North Canada. A lot of them live in an igloo. They built their house with blocks of ice. Their houses are very warm inside.

An igloo is very strong and it is easy to build. You need a knife – that’s all! How many rooms are there in an igloo? There aren’t many rooms, but sometimes the Inuit built big igloos with a lot of rooms for 15 to 20 people.
The Inuit eat a lot of fish, seals, whales and polar bears: they eat every bit of the animal and they use the skin for clothes to keep them warm in the cold weather and snow. There aren’t any shops to buy food, so they have to hunt animals.

The Inuit are people who live in South Canada.

The house of the Inuit is called "igloo".

Igloos are very cold inside.

You need a lot of things to build an igloo.

The Inuit never have big rooms in their house.

The Inuit don't eat polar bears.

They use the animals' skin for clothes.

There are lots of shops where the Inuit live.

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