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Read the text and choose: True or False.

Meet Hollywood director Steve Greenburg
Tim: Last month you won an Oscar for your thriller “Who Killed Harry Mack?” Are thrillers your favourite kind of film?

Steve: I like making all kinds of films: thrillers, comedies, horror films, westerns. Sometimes writers give me very good stories for thrillers, but there are lots of things that make a movie good. Good actors
and actresses, studios and sometimes the weather can help you shoot a good scene.

Tim: What are your plans for the future?

Steve: I am going to make more comedies. I believe it is nice to make people laugh. I want to work with great actors and shoot films people will enjoy. I won’t stop making films. Movies are my life!

Tim: Will Home Cinema and computers change movies?

Steve: It’s difficult to say. I don’t know, but I think people will watch movies at home more often. Films will have two or three endings and people will choose the ending they like.

Tim: Thank you very much. Good luck with your next film.

Steve won the Oscar last year.

Sometimes weather can help for shooting a good movie scene.

Greenberg is going to make more thrillers in the future.

He thinks people will watch more movies at home.

Films will have more than one endings in the future.

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