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Read the text and choose: True or False.

Samothraki is a wonderful island. It is small and it hasn’t got a lot of people, but it's got mountains and forests. It’s got a post office and a museum, but it hasn’t got a theatre. It’s got three churches, but it hasn’t got a bank. In winter it is windy, cloudy and freezing cold, but in summer the weather is good. It's sunny and you can walk in the mountains, you can swim in the rivers or you can go to the beach. It's a great place! It’s got everything!

Samothraki hasn’t got a forest.

Samothraki is a mountain.

Samothraki isn’t big.

There is a bank.

In winter the weather is good.

In summer the weather is warm.

Samothraki has got a lot of people.

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